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Co – Curricular Activities

Co – Curricular activities are those activities, which are undertaken along with the curricular activities. They supplement curricular activities and prepare the students in the “Art of living and working together.” A very large number of Co – Curricular activities for children from classes I to XII are conducted every year. These activities include Art, Fancy Dress, Rangoli, Flower Arrangement, Cartoon Drawing, Poetry Writing, Debate, Declamation, Dance, Drama, Theatrical skills, Indian music (both Vocal and Instrumental), Western Instrumental Music, Quiz etc.

These activities inculcate traits and values like Cultural, Educational, Psychological, Social, Civic, Recreational and Physical besides robust physique. They play a pivotal role in giving the young boys and girls the ability to mould their lives for an all-round development.Enhancement in Academic Performance, building self confidence, improving soft skills are some of the outcomes of immense well planned programmes.